Happy Dragon Boat Festival!


Happy Dragon Boat Festival!! It is a big festival for all Chinese people!

Success on China Sourcing Fair!!!

We thank all of you who come into our booth!


2013 Meet us in Hong Kong







The reason are below:

LOCATION:Made in China is well know in the world. For Jewelry mainly distributed in five areas of China.
They are: Yiwu city, Guangzhou city, Shenzhen city, Dongguan city and Qindao city. Three of them are in Guangdong province. So we set up out company in Guangdong, which give us much more convenient on working.
DESIGN:  We directly co-work with over 20 factories, products specialize in zinc alloy, metal, brass, stainless steel, resin, plastic and wooden jewelry.  They launch new designs monthly. So we can offer you as much as new deisgns for your selection.
QUALITY GUARANTEE: We make a 100% QC before shipment, so we can guarantee the quality. If any, we will replace in 7 days for you.


Spring Chic for 2013

Economic goes down, but fashion! Fashion always go well on its own faith. 

People need fashion to make their life warmer, relax, sexy... to againest the trouble.

So we live follow the faith of fashion, which bring us happy, enjoy....

2012 will be a past in couple of days, let welcome the new year of 2013.  What comes up by us? What do you need for your new trends?

How about these shinning wrist? or some new colors?




We live in China, far from the New York, Longdong, Milan, but seems all of the fashion trends can arrive us in one night. Jewelry, garments,shoes,bags. The first day show on the stage, the second morning the photos or layout already showing on the desk of a manfucture here. Seven days later, it can comes out for their oversea customer. That's the speed of fashion spread.

Colors have been created by nature for thousands years, human can make them out and wear on body seems no more than one hundred years. Luckly we are still chasing the nature, chasing the colors which nature give us for thousands years already.



Quality VS Price

Last month, one of our reorder customer placed an order to us, which they ordered before from us. This time they give us very low target price, same quality but only 1/3 price compare with last order. Oberviously we cann't accept such price. No one have such a high rate profit.  In China any price can make a deal on similar designs. Same design have different price means the quality is definitely different. You want high quality you need pay higher price. This is a business rule from ancient to modern times. If you believe we sell you on a higher price, just let's wait and see what happened later.You can buy from the low price supplier, when you got the cargo you will understand what is the difference.


What kind of art you want have on your wrist?

 What kind of arts you want have on your wrist?

 Shinning world:

 Colorful Life: 


 Antique Memory:

Check here to see more designs: http://www.cantonsourcingteam.com/products3gonet_s.asp?lx=small&anid=62&nid=26#Menu=ChildMenupromenu062


How to promotion your shop sales?

As a business owner, you are likely always looking for new ideas to promote your business and finding new ways of using older promotional methods. No doubt you are advertising, but there are many other ways you can promote any business without having it take too much from your marketing and advertising budget. How about these lovely key rings, we have over 1000 different designs, and also we can make with your company logo on, price around 0.5 per set, MOQ is only 300 sets per design. Want to see more photos pls check here: http://www.cantonsourcingteam.com/products3gonet_s.asp?lx=small&anid=62&nid=7#Menu=ChildMenupromenu062


What are you going to wear to make you fashion and personally?

Winter is leaving,  spring is on the way to us.  Snow has replaced by the rain.

Everybody is thinking about how to make themselves more fashion or personal to welcome the warm wheather. So what are you going to take, new cloth? or few pieces of jewelry? If you don't want spend money on a new coat, think about buying few trendy jewelry.  New season is coming, pls remember check about our online catalog, there are lots of new collections just come out for you.



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